Coupon Redemption Policy

Terms of Coupon Redemption

These Terms of Coupon Redemption detail the terms and conditions under which Earth Animal® Ventures, Inc. (EAV) will reimburse coupon submissions. By submitting your request for redemption of coupons, you agree to these Terms. Please call us at 203-557-3322 if you have any questions or need further clarification


1. Any exceptions to these Terms must be detailed in writing before they will apply. These terms cannot be altered by an oral representation of EAV personnel or agents.

2. The terms and conditions of a coupon offer are indicated on the face of the coupon and set forth the offer and the intent of EAV. Any technical issues, conflicts, limitations, or scanning problems in the bar code (if applicable) do not alter the intent of the coupon.

3. Coupons must be presented by the consumer at time of purchase. Coupons presented after the purchase transaction has been completed must not be honored and will not be reimbursed by EAV.

4. Coupons may be redeemed only if they were used by a consumer to purchase the product(s), size(s) and quantity(ies) as indicated on the coupon. The face value of the coupon must have been deducted from the retail selling price. Multiple coupons, including using a paper and digital coupon together or using coupons together with other promotions, may not be applied against the purchase of the same item.

5. The consumer must pay any sales tax charged in connection with the purchase of the product.

6. Coupons must be used by a consumer to purchase the designated product(s) on or before the expiration date. Coupons must not be redeemed by the retailer after the expiration date.

7. Coupons are void where prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted by law.

8. Paper or digital coupons may not be reproduced, copied, trimmed, or altered in any way by the retailer.

9. EAV reserves the right to withdraw and/or refuse reimbursement for current coupon offers due to fraud or errors including but not limited to counterfeiting, unauthorized distribution, significant data errors or system security breaches. 10. Coupons may not be assigned and are void if transferred from their original recipient to any other person, firm or group. EAV does not permit the unauthorized distribution, collection, sale, auction, trade or assignment of its coupons for any reason. Therefore, coupons are not to be used in swap boxes, taped to product, placed on hooks near products, gathered and distributed by any person or group for charitable fund-raising purposes, or otherwise used in any way except as described herein.

11. Should EAV permit any clearinghouse or coupon aggregation service to submit coupons for reimbursement, EAV reserves the right to audit such service or to reimburse retailers directly for coupon submissions processed through such service. 

12. No person may disclose any redemption or reimbursement data to any other person or entity without the express written permission of EAV.

13. Coupons are redeemable only in the USA, US Territories, or US Military Commissaries/ Exchanges.

14. Failure to observe these terms and conditions for proper redemption may, at the option of EAV, void all coupons submitted for reimbursement and all coupons may be retained as property of EAV without reimbursement. EAV reserves the right to forward coupons or coupon data files which EAV judges to be misredeemed to law enforcement authorities, for their review and investigative purposes.

15. Any use of coupons not consistent with these Terms shall constitute a material breach of these Terms and may result in EAV taking action sufficient, in EAV’s sole discretion, to remedy such breach, up to and including cessation of business relationship. Neither acceptance or redemption of any coupon, nor any provision of these Terms, shall constitute a waiver of EAV’s rights under these Terms or generally applicable law.

16. Any lawsuit involving coupon reimbursement disputes must be brought within 12 months of the original date of notification of such reimbursement dispute or such claims shall be extinguished. Connecticut law shall apply to the extent possible without reference to conflicts of laws provisions. Jurisdiction and venue shall be in the state or federal court for the State of Connecticut in all matters.


A. Only the retailer which properly redeemed and identified the coupon or an EAV authorized distributor may submit coupons for reimbursement. Submissions by any unauthorized person will be rejected by EAV.

B. Coupons submitted for reimbursement become the property of EAV.

C. Each shipment of paper coupons will be considered as a whole and EAV reserves the right to refuse reimbursement for an entire shipment if any portion of the shipment is found to be improperly redeemed.

D. Different types of coupons should be submitted for reimbursement separately and will be treated as separate submissions by EAV, although multiple submissions may be made in a single mailing or transmission.

E. Each submission for reimbursement from a retailer must include: (i) all original coupons for which reimbursement is requested; (ii) a designation of the distributor from whom the EAV product was purchased, and; (3) an invoice detailing the store name and address, date, invoice number, and a summary of the number and value of the submitted coupons.

F. Invoices must be received by EAV (i) for paper coupons, within 180 days and (ii) for digital coupons, within 30 days after expiration of the coupons or they will not be honored.

G. EAV will reimburse paper coupon submissions for the face value of the coupons (or, if a free coupon, the retail selling price of the item), within 30 days from the date of receipt of invoice and coupons. EAV will reimburse digital coupon submissions for the face value of coupons (or, if a free coupon, the retail selling price of the item), within 15 days from the date of receipt of the invoice data file. Reimbursement shall be by way of providing a credit to the authorized distributor, which shall then provide a credit to the retailer that redeemed the coupon. Any inquires for reimbursement discrepancies should be made in writing within 120 days of the invoice date.

H. EAV does not currently provide handling fees for coupons. Any fees provided in the future will be paid by EAV based upon the terms of the coupons. EAV may establish different handling fees for different types of coupons.

I. Prior to reimbursement for coupon submissions, EAV may require the completion of a verified statement attesting to the veracity of the submission and compliance with these Terms. If false or misleading verification information is provided to EAV or any agent thereof, redemption privileges may be permanently terminated and reimbursements may not be made. 

J. Parties requesting reimbursement must present to EAV, upon request, point of sale and/or product movement reports showing sufficient purchase of stock to cover coupons submitted for reimbursement. Product purchases must support the number and value of coupons submitted. If the number of coupons submitted exceeds the normal industry redemption figures, EAV may request supporting data (typically, transaction log data) to verify actual consumer transactions for the period involved. EAV may also require independent verification of transaction data, if available. EAV may deny reimbursement for coupons that are misredeemed (including, but not limited to, coupons that have been used to purchase products for resale).

K. No deductions may be made from EAV product invoices by the retailer or wholesaler for amounts related to coupon redemption. If such deductions are made, the retailer’s or wholesaler’s credit with EAV may be suspended, and/or shipments may be suspended until the amount is repaid.

L. EAV will deny reimbursement for any coupons which exhibit signs of misredemption. Examples include, but are not limited to: gang cuts, similar cuts or tears, evidence of tape, mint condition, sequential number patterns, excessive or larger than normal quantities of coupons in single or multiple transactions, accuracy or quality issues in data files, excessive or unusual patterns of redemption, or point of sale overrides. EAV will notify retailer of any possible misredemption. Retailers who do not respond to repeated notification and/or do not demonstrate willingness to eliminate problem areas will be suspended from receiving reimbursement for EAV coupons. Notwithstanding the foregoing, EAV will, in its sole discretion, consider reimbursing the customer for coupons misredeemed by third parties, where the customer provides full cooperation to EAV in identifying and resolving the causes of such misredemption and, as appropriate, enabling criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation against such third parties.

M. Coupons not issued or authorized by EAV (i.e. counterfeit or fake coupons) will not be paid and will not be returned to the submitter. Non-EAV coupons (i.e. coupons issued by other manufacturers) submitted to EAV will be returned to the submitter.

N. All disputes regarding reimbursement must be communicated to EAV, and the party making the submission in question shall deliver to EAV all information supporting any claimed reimbursement. The party seeking reimbursement shall permit EAV 60 days to review any submissions before the institution of any suit or claim regarding the same. All such disputes shall be in writing and subject to these Terms.

O. All submissions of coupons for reimbursement shall be sent to the distributor as stated above. Communications to EAV regarding coupons shall be sent to: Earth Animal Ventures 49 John Street Southport, CT 06890 203-557-3322

If you are aware of any potential coupon fraud, please contact EAV or a local law enforcement agency